How do I ... ?

Q] Lift the back end of my bike?

A] Fit a Jack up kit. Make sure you go for one that lifts the back end of the bike by about 30-35mm. If you go any higher not only will you compromise the straight line stability of the bike but your centre stand, if still fitted will not touch the ground and the side stand will be too short! Be wary also of kits made from stainless, aluminium or which have been chromed. The tie bars are a critical part of the suspension and some materials are not strong enough for the job.

Q] Turn my bolt on 1200 can into a slip on?

A] Adaptors are now available from BanditMania to do just this.

Q] I've got an SV1000 can which is a 4 bolt fitting not 3 like the B12. Can I make it a slip on can?

A] Yes BanditMania do both a 3 bolt adaptor and a 4 bolt adaptor.

Q] Adjust the chain without sitting on the bike?

A] Place the bike on its side stand. Leaning across the back of the seat from the right hand side, put your weight down. This causes the suspension to go down and the chain can be adjusted to your weight.

Q] Quicken the steering?

A] Drop the forks no more than 10mm through the yokes.

Q] Increase braking without spending a fortune?

A] Put braided brake lines first of all. If you still need greater performance then fit the HH rated pads. If you do fit the HH rated pads keep a check on your discs to make sure they are up to accepting the HH pads and have not started to warp. Depending on your style of riding you may need to fit race style discs.

Q] Correct Fork sag?

A] Replace the fork springs with good quality ones and replace the oil with 15 or 20 weight.

Q] Increase acceleration on my Bandit?

A] Remove the engine sprocket and replace it with a 14 tooth one. On the New Shape Bandits this will alter the speedo reading and the miles covered as the speedo takes its drive here and not on the front wheel as the original shape does

Q] Stop the front of my seat scratching my tank?

A] Get an old T-Shirt and glue it to the front of the seat. When its dry carefully cut round it and refit to bike. You've now got a soft barrier between the two.

Q] Take my header pipes off to send to BanditMania for repair? The bolt head is so weathered the key just spins, is this normal?

A] Its normal don't panic!! Go for a run on the bike to get it really hot then when you get back leave it ticking over for 5-10 mins. You'll need a 12mm multi sided socket. Hammer this over the bolt head and then attach the socket driver and slowly and carefully start undoing the bolt a little at a time. You'll burn your fingers on the exhaust but this is the best bet for removing the header pipes. Remember patience is a virtue! You can help matters even more by putting a lube on such as WD40 morning and night for about a week before you attempt to take the exhaust off.

Q] Lower the ride height of my Bandit?

A] Be careful with just putting longer tie rods in, although this will lower the back end of the bike you can be compromising the way the bike sits on the centre stand and side stand. You'll find a lot more effort is needed when putting the bike on the centre stand and again when rolling it off which could lead to an embarrassing situation of not being able to do it!!! With the side stand you'll notice the bike sits a lot more upright. The only downside to this being the scary and expensive chance that the bike could fall onto the right hand side. What's the better option? Probably a seat re-sculpture. You don't need to have the coloured panels or piping if you don't want but taking some of the foam base away will lower the seat exactly where you need it and leave you with a cool looking tail end on your bike!!


Where can I find ... ?

Q] Some new header pipes at reasonable cost, mine have rotted in the collector.

A] Why not have yours repaired? BanditMania will cut all the rot off and re-weld with stainless so you should not get a repeat performance!! The repair also comes back to you with stainless header bolts, header gaskets and new stainless heatshield and clamp. If you do want new pipes BanditMania can offer you Stainless or Titanium Systems.

Q] Anodised levers for my 1200 K6 model?

A] Available now from BanditMania, also available Gold.

Q] A service manual for the 400 Bandit in English?

A] At BanditMania we can now supply this for you for only £38.99 and all bikes on CD rom for a fraction of the cost.

Q] The colour code for my bike?

A] Usually on a white sticker on the underside of the tank or in your service record book. It's the last three numbers/digits. ie 33J = Pearl Novelty Black

Q] A new heatshield that hides the join between the intermediate pipe and the collector on the exhaust just near the bottom of the motor. I've phoned my Suzuki dealer but its not listed as a spare part.

A] No worries!! BanditMania manufacture one and its stainless as well.


Why ... ?

Q] Does my 600 run rough and sometimes die on me, especially in the cold and damp?

A] Carb Icing. Before you spend a lot on fuel treatments check that ALL the carb heaters are working properly. With them being situated open to the elements they too can corrode and rot. Even with one down, it can give a problem. Run during the wet months with Silkolene Pro-FST to help things along.

Q] Does my bike back fire on overrun?

A] Check the bottom collector box seal and the seal between the intermediate pipe and silencer.

Q] Does the front end on my 600 feel lumpy?

A] Check and re-grease the steering head bearings, if they've gone too far you'll need to replace them. They never get much grease on them from the factory.

Q] Does my bike seem to wallow round corners?

A] Usually tired suspension. Replace the standard shock and the fork springs, you'll notice a difference. Check your tyres and ensure you have the correct psi.


Will I ... ?

Q] Get through an MOT with the LED tail light with built in indicators?

A]  The tail lights are emarked and 100% road legal when used just as a stop / tail light or with the indicators used in conjunction with a secondary set as a safety measure. If you Are just using the tail light on its own with the indicators and not a secondary set you will need to check with your local MOT station and / or traffic advisory to see whether it would pass in your area. BanditMania is not responsible for 'show items' fitted to motorcycles and then used on the public highway in an illegal manner.

Q] Need to re-jet after fitting a race can?

A] As a rule of thumb if the tuned length and positioning of the pipe has not been altered then no, not usually. All bikes run better once they've been tailored to their pipe.

Q] Be able to put bigger tyres on the 600?

A] Yes, 120 on the front and 160 on the rear. If you have the new shape Bandit then stick to the 110 on the front.

Q] Be able to fit both a Hugger and an Undertray to my bike?

A] Yes, but you will need to fit jack up ties to give it just a bit more clearance otherwise you might find the two clash if it bottoms out.


What ... ?

Q] Upside down forks can I fit in my 1200 without getting too technical?

A] The GSXR1100M forks will go in very easy. The Bandit wheel will go straight in with the only thing you really have to change is the steering stem from your original forks into the upside downies.

Q] Can I do to help protect my bike while riding through the winter weather and road conditions?

A] It doesn't look too nice but the best thing is to waxoyl all the bolt heads that get furred up and the oil cooler lines, all round the swing arm, the footpeg mounts. Come spring you can just wash it off and you've saved a lot of mess.

Q] Is better, Powder Coating or Painting?

A] depends what finish you are after, but powder coating is far stronger than painting although you do not necessarily get the wide colour choice as you do with painting.

Q] Is the usual oil consumption on the 1200?

A] We've found that it does vary slightly but the average seems to be between 500ml and 1 litre every 3000 - 4000 miles.

Q] Is a Jack Up Kit?

A] Suspension tie rods that go between the top swinging arm mount and the shock absorber pivoting bracket. Usually jacks the back end up by about 30mm and the seat height by about 10mm. If putting a jack up kit in beware of fork sag.

Q] Are Jack up Plates?

A] Plates that attach to the footrest hangers and by fitting these the position of the footpegs will be altered moving the peg back about an inch and up about an inch. A longer gear rod linkage will be needed too which BanditMania can supply.

Q] Tyres suit Bandits?

A] As a good all-rounder the Avon Azarro works well. For touring the Bridgestone 020 and for serious stuff the Bridgestone 010. For everyday enjoyment Dunlop D207 or the D208 range are very popular.

Q] Is the strange rattle that has suddenly developed from the engine?

A] Before you panic, check that the header pipes are still tight into the engine!


When is ... ?

Q] The best time to contact BanditMania?

A] With the e-mail technology? Anytime, we'll be glad to hear from you! Please be patient though, we sometimes get about 60 - 80 e-mails per day!! If you want to phone us the number's on the website or you can text us, we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.